Friday, August 27, 2010

Use ladders safely!

I know a guy who was recently hurt pretty bad while using a ladder, i'm posting this in the hopes that injuries of this nature are prevented in the future

  • 1 Fully open a stepladder and lock the braces.

  • 2 Make sure that the feet of the ladder, particularly an extension ladder, are on a dry, even surface.

  • 3 Never use an aluminum ladder near live electrical sources.

  • 4 Climb only as high as the ladder is designed for. Never climb past the point where your hips are even with the top of the ladder.

  • 5 Hold on to the sides of the ladder as you climb. Store tools in back pockets or a tool belt.

  • 6 Never allow more than one person on a ladder, and don't let anyone stand below you where you can drop something on him or her.

  • 7 Heed all warnings and cautions from the manufacturer. These can be found on yellow or orange safety labels on the side of the ladder
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    Have you ever been so far...

    as to party this hard??

    School soon!

    so after for four months of summer i'm headed back to school! pretty excited for my second year of mechanical engineering. It's going to be difficult but the hard work will definitely be worth it in the end!!

    A New Beginning

    Well this is the start of my very first blog! Supa exciting! I look forward to having a bunch of followers and to following a bunch of people myself.